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Aria nightfire

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Aria nightfire
chele nightfire
mat leitner

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Last Update: 2017/02/25 10:59
DateMedalReason For Award
ATTENDANCE2017/02/25 00:00ATTENDANCEnice to see you at story tell time jan. 30
ATTENDANCE2017/01/20 00:00ATTENDANCEwas good to see you at story tell jan. 16th
ATTENDANCE2017/01/17 00:00ATTENDANCEThank you for coming to art class your painting was magnificent.
ATTENDANCE2017/01/03 00:00ATTENDANCEWonderful painting in Art Class thank you for Attending.
ATTENDANCE2016/11/16 00:00ATTENDANCEin my class always a great listener, ty :)
ATTENDANCE2016/11/04 00:00ATTENDANCEbit late but ty Aria for the sweet being there at story tell
TEAMWORK2016/10/21 00:00TEAMWORKDid a great job in Math class today ( 10/19 ) ~ Miss Kim
ATTENDANCE2016/10/13 00:00ATTENDANCEThank you for attending Math class ~ Miss Kim ~
TEAMWORK2016/10/11 00:00TEAMWORKteamwork
HOMEWORK2016/10/11 00:00HOMEWORKPosted portrait on OnLinker ~ Mr Vestrit
ATTENDANCE2016/10/11 00:00ATTENDANCE10/11/16 French Class
ATTENDANCE2016/10/11 00:00ATTENDANCEthank you for coming to Art class today ~ Mr vestrit :)
STUDENT2016/10/04 00:00STUDENTGreat job in class today, A+ Miss.Ciara
ATTENDANCE2016/08/11 00:00ATTENDANCEThank you for being so good in my first class Miss. Sullivan!
ATTENDANCE2016/08/11 00:00ATTENDANCEthank you for attending class :)
STUDENT2016/05/07 00:00STUDENTstudent

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  • 2016/10/11 21:10

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    for posting her self portrait on onlinkers.com :D
  • 2016/05/06 21:41

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