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Welcome to Pleasant Shore Elementary

Thank you for your interest in teaching at PSE. Our student base is ages 3 to 13, and we are looking to offer a wide variety of classes... from academic to elective. We are also looking for dedicated coaches for clubs such as dance and cheer.

Our academic classes will be taught 2 days a week for 2 hours each. Elective and clubs can be 1 or 2 hours and at least 1 day a week.

Please fill out this application and return it to our Principal Miss đɛвک Rhøđɛ иυмвєяs (debbiedoh)




What has brought you to PSE and why do you feel you would make a good teacher here?

What, if any, teaching experience do you have? (This can be SL or RL, and is not a requirement to teach at PSE):

What would you like to teach? For example: a well rounded academic class? an elective? (If so, what specifically?) or would you be interested in coaching? (If so, what would you like to coach?)

What days and times are you available to teach?

Thanks again for your interest in our school. We will get back with you soon to schedule an in-person interview. Please be prepared to give us an example of what a day in your class would be like.

**Could we please ask you to hide any non PG groups that may appear in your profile. And please also remove any Adult rated picks. Thank you. :)


Miss Debs -  Principal
(debbiedoh resident)
CLASS SCHEDULE: You may attend any and as many classes as you would like. ALL TIMES are SLT
Click on each class for a description and a landmark.  Last updated: April 12th 2016, 10am SLT

..:: Pleasant Shore Elementary School ::..

Welcome to PSE, home of the Pandas!


COST: $250L per term (approx. $1 USD)
TERM: new terms begin every month
CLASSES: attend as many as you'd like
AGES: all classes are for kids aged 2 to 13 years old
UNIFORMS (optional): purchase your uniform at school


If you'd like to become a student at PSE, you can register for school at the kiosk which is located just inside the front doors of the school.

If you'd like to become a teacher, pick up an application at the front desk and follow the instructions on the application.

For more information, please check our website:


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